Finally! If all fails you almost for sure have an electrical fault?

But if you still feel there is still an ink clog? As a last resort try this...

Briefly here is a little trick I used on all types of inkjets for many years... 
If you know someone with a STEAM CLEANING MACHINE?


Ask to borrow it give it a try...

It will fix or prove its time for a new NEW PRINT HEAD or Printer!


First cut a short piece of fish tank tubing and attach to the steamer tip. 

To make more flexible to fit easier blast it until hot.
Then push a pencil into it to make it funnel shaped.
Then warm again and push funnel shaped end onto tip of hand steamer nozzle.
Once secure place tip onto ink inlet post and give several short blasts of steam which will go directly through the print head. I have been successful many times using this method.
But once done...
Immediately insert several drops of Magic through ink inlets to cool them down and which also stops print head from drying out.

Then put in inks and test.

If you had a clog the clogged ink will now be on the paper towel under print head. If not it is definitely an electrical fault.
Now insert inks and print this.

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if you are out of ink inject a little Magic Inkjet Flush into an empty ink to test.

As found in the manual here are the print test sheets for printing rectangles depending on colour's) with problem.
Just choose... Yellow, Magenta, Grey Tones etc...


As found in the Magic Inkjet Flush Manual here are the print test sheets.

We have found that the easiest way to flush a print head is to print solid rectangles = blocks of the problem colour until flushed.

Printing rectangles.

Depending on colour's) with problems just choose... Yellow, Magenta, Grey Tones etc… and print rectangles of problem colours until flushed.

The prints may appear pale and washy at first when printing with Magic.

Colours should reappear once the Magic is replaced by your own ink.

If the first print is not perfect and still some white lines...

Allow 15 minutes between prints to allow Magic to soak and remove any residue ink.








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Hope it helps to fix your print head.

If not and you do need to replace your Printer or need epson ink supplies at low cost?

Amazon usually has good deals on Printer & Ink Supplies.

If you have any queries or need extra help...

Please send us a message via eBay.

"Often customers get their money back = The first time they need to use Magic!"

Magic Inkjet Flush - Print head Cleaner UNCLOGS ALL DRIED INKJETS FAST !!! 

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Many thanks!